Stoke Sports Vison 

Sports Eyewear for better performance!Glasses

Stoke Sports Vision Centre offers professional advice and quality products in the sports vision field including :

  • Sport-specific visual skill information
  • Vision assessments
  • Protective & designer eyewear
New Additions
RS Matrix
Soft Touch
Helmet Specs 2
All Pro APX
RS 2001

50% of the general population are actively involved in sports with people having more time and money to devote to leisure activities. Many partake in sports on a social level but increasingly more and more are playing competitive sport. With the rewards for improved performance becoming greater, both financially and socially, sports men and women are constantly looking for new ways to gain an advantage over fellow competitors. Sports vision is a relatively new and exciting field of sports science, involved not only with the eyes but with the whole process of vision and the way our visual system influences what our body does.



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